Parent Testimonials

Athena Hughes

The traditional way of grading has worked previously because we didn't know there was a better option for grading. It is not nearly as clear and understandable as standards-based grading. A letter grade, like an A, B, C or F, only tells me so much information about how [my student] is doing in his learning. [My student] could have a lower grade just due to not turning assignments in or because [my student] might have test anxiety and not performed well on a test. It doesn't really show me that [my student] is understanding what is being taught. There is a better way. I was excited to see my [my student’s] 1 st term report card that was standards-based. I was better able to see exactly what [my student] is mastering and what standards [my student] needs to spend more time on before [my student] masters them. Some students need more repetition and more practice before mastering skills. This system allows for that and doesn't penalize them if they don't master skills right away. This grading system will be so much better for all involved.

Kari Howe

As a parent, I like the standard-based grading because it helps me know where my students are in their learning. It shows specifically what concepts my students have mastered and what concepts need to be reviewed and reinforced at home with homework or supplemental learning.

Kristen Cramer

Knowing what concepts my child excels at, or struggles with allows for more tailored tutoring and intervention when needed. It can also highlight strengths of students that can be considered when choosing careers or fields of study.

Kelly Woodward

Standards-based Learning has given us a deeper understanding of what my child is learning and what their understanding is of that specific standard. Each standard is clearly defined and easy to understand. I feel it gives us a clearer view of what concepts my child needs to work on and ones they are doing well at. Knowing that helps me as a parent to better use our time at home covering standards they need a little more help with.

FPA Parent

I love that our child is using iPads to enhance their learning experience. Our child is the one teaching us!

FPA Parent

The faculty and entire program is exceptional. My wife and I are so impressed with their creative approach.

FPA Parent

We love that the faculty helps our child learn how to set goals. These skills will help them build a better life and future.